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Examples of Media Coverage


La Terre de chez nous. L’agriculture et les changements climatiques (interview with C. Potvin), 11 December 2018

Montreal Gazette. Opinion: Yes, there is something you can do to fight climate change (op-ed by D. Matthews and C. Potvin), 13 November 2018

CBC News PEI. P.E.I. could be 1st carbon-neutral province, says professor (interview with C. Potvin), 25 October 2017 

Erie Media. Make Canada a renewable energy world leader (interview with L. Vasseur), 26 May 2017

The Guardian (UK). Scientists rate Canadian climate policies (op-ed by SCD), 28 November 2016

CTV News. Academics issue warning over Canada’s progress on climate change, 17 November 2016


Radio-Canada Première Chaîne. Médium Large, Changements climatiques : les scientifiques ignorés par les politiciens (interview with C. Potvin, N. Mousseau and C. Villeneuve), 20 September 2018

CBC Radio. Quirks and Quarks, Trump ignores most of the world and all of the science (interview with C. Potvin), 3 June 2017


RDI Économie, Pipeline et économie verte (interview with C. Potvin), 24 May 2019

Tout le monde en parle, La planète surchauffe : que faire ? (interview with C. Potvin), 14 October 2018

CTV News Montreal, A post-USA Paris Agreement (interview with C. Potvin), 28 May 2017