The concept of sustainability, namely the ability of human populations to achieve or maintain a satisfactory lifestyle over time without degrading the environment, is at the heart of the activities of the UNESCO-McGill Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability. Society needs critical information to manage the interconnected environmental and societal risks emerging from current global environmental changes. It is therefore imperative to connect science and society to deliver the knowledge needed for action from the local to global scale.

In this context, the UNESCO-McGill Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability aims to advance sustainability science in the face of global environmental change and foster social dialogues on sustainability issues. The Chair builds on the strong links existing between McGill University and Panama and proposes to advance sustainability education, research and social dialogues in Panama and in Canada.

The current focus of the Chair is the Panama Research and Integrated Sustainability Model (PRISM), a platform for multidisciplinary research in sustainability science.

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