Acting on Climate Change: Solutions from Canadian Scholars is a scholarly consensus on science-based, viable solutions for greenhouse gas reduction. It was produced by Sustainable Canada Dialogues, an initiative under the UNESCO- McGill Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability and the Trottier Institute for Science and Public Policy. Sustainable Canada Dialogues has mobilized over 60 Canadian scholars from every province, representing climate change expertise in areas from engineering to sociology. 


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With its vast potential of renewable resources, Canada could reach 100% low-carbon electricity production in 2035. Download the map below!


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Endorsed list

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321. Nicole Maynard-Li - university of waterloo
320. christine Gonthier - Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Laus
319. Sara Farid -
318. Peter Stoett - Loyola Sustainability Research Centre Concordia University
317. Marilou Brouillet - Climat Compétences
316. Nasha Raîche - Université Laval
315. Safarina Anindita - University of British Columbia
314. Tracy Walden -
313. Aryt Alasti - Responsible Investment at Harvard
312. Diego Robayo -
311. Tarah Stafford - Conversations for Responsible Economic Development
310. C Danby - University of Pittsburgh
309. Max Keogh - Sustainable Geoscience Solutions
308. Rudiger Markgraf - CREDETAO / CPGVG
307. Diana Sharpe - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
306. Guillaume Peterson St-Laurent - UBC
305. Jorge Hernán Torres - École Polytechnique
304. Tom L. Green -
303. Janet Hudgins -
302. Marjolaine Lagacé - Université de sherbrooke
301. Annie Lalancette - Concordia University
300. Ariella Orbach -
299. Véronique Bussières - Concordia University
298. Guillaume pelletier - Université de montréal
297. Evelyne St-Louis - UC Berkeley