It is important to contextualize the work of the SCD visioning exercises with respect to previous sustainability projects in Canada. A compilation of initiatives that have used visioning or similar participatory methods at the community scale allows for a more broad scope of our representation of Canadians’ desired visions. Citizens across Canada have engaged in envisioning ideal futures for their communities, and many Canadian cities and municipalities have used community visioning as a tool in sustainable development planning. A compendium of visions created over the last fifteen years from a range of geographic areas and community sizes will allow identification of commonalities and potentially a shared vision for the future of Canada. This review of prior work is currently in progress and will serve to inform and support the results of SCD visioning exercises.

Some samples are:


imagine calgary


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2006 0829 elder mother child - Copy
After participating in a SCD visioning , artist Judith DesBrisay share with us this art work. In her words: “My husband, Mike Cannell, and I visited Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) as part of our extensive 2006 Arctic explorations with Adventure Canada. We toured the picturesque community where we were privileged to witness a cultural presentation which included Inuit games and throat singing at the community centre. This 2006 "snapshot in time" shows a young mother and child framed by a historic photograph of an elder …their multiple generations echoing in our memories. It underscores inter- generational importance, interaction and above all: the necessity to acknowledge historical context when seeking to understand and appreciate current life and future visions for individuals, families and communities.”